New regulations proposed to safeguard animals in MA


(Emilian R. Vicol)

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources has issued draft regulations to improve standards of care for animals in the Commonwealth. Among other things, these regulations are intended to:

Afford animals the right to fresh food and water, sanitary conditions, proper housing, and prompt veterinary careReduce the risk of zoonotic diseases (spread from animals to humans)Ensure the health and safety of companion animalsProvide consumer protections for those adopting or purchasing animals

One set of regulations pertains to pet stores and another is for animal shelters. During a public hearing last week, the agency heard feedback from industry representatives, including animal shelters as well as pet stores, some of whom requested modifications to the regulations. The next step is for input to be incorporated into the draft regulations before they are sent to the Governor’s Office for their approval.

How you can help:
Call or email Governor Charlie Baker (617-725-4005) and ask him to support reasonable regulations that improve the standards of care for animals housed in Massachusetts.

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